Don’t look now, but Elton John is BACK… big time.

When you’re a 70-something icon in the middle of what is (likely) your final world tour and it all comes to a screaming halt because of a pandemic, what do you do? Well, you could just throw in the towel and say, “thanks, it’s been fun.” But that mantra, of course,... Read More.

The Mixtape tour… OH SO GOOD!

We are SO in for this coming summer’s 2022 mixtape tour, and Tony and our team can’t wait to speak with Jordan Knight and Danny Wood about the tour plans tonight and tomorrow on Throwback Nation Radio! Until we get an actual LIVE performance next summer, here’s a taste of what Jordan,... Read More.

Happy birthday CHEERS!

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name… and they’re ALWAYS GLAD you came…” Just the first few words of the “Cheers” theme song sparks up feelings of nostalgia; sitting at an iconic bar, having fun with friends after a long day of work, or if you were... Read More.

What’s older… BETTY WHITE, or THIS?

Today in (SPOILER FOR THE THROWBACK TIMELINE) 1985, we heard “Thank You For Being A A Friend… travel ’round the world and back again” for the first time in the opening theme to what became a Saturday night TV staple: “The Golden Girls.”  The show garnered countless accolades and... Read More.

The Tweet that has your millennial friend CRYING.

Chances are, you may not have grown up with “Blue’s Clues” on Nickelodeon.  But, someone from your family probably did! Whether it was your child, your little sibling, a cousin, a co-worker… they’ve likely been sharing this post from the “OG” host of “Blue’s Clues,” STEVE BURNS, who left the... Read More.