ICYMI: A “Dirty Dancing” Sequel is coming

No one puts Baby in a corner.  And finally, the woman who PLAYED Baby is getting a shot at helping to make the sequel to the original film. First reported in summer of 2020, Lionsgate productions is working on a sequel to the original, and Jennifer Grey will executive produce... Read More.

Remembering Estelle Harris with 5 moments where George’s Mom was OUR MOM.

One of the blessings of “Seinfeld” was the deep character development of the four main characters; Jerry’s neuroses, Elaine’s assertiveness, George’s laziness, and Kramer’s general off-the-wall wackiness.  But the character development didn’t stop at just the leads; the recurring characters had that same amount of depth.  And perhaps no... Read More.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JON BON JOVI! Who is one of HIS inspirations?

Today on Throwback 102.3 and tonight on Throwback Nation Radio, we’ll be dipping our toes DEEP into the catalog of some of Jon Bon Jovi’s BEST for his 60th birthday.  And, we’re learning more about some of the music that inspired him through the years as well. Although Jon, Richie... Read More.

A PRE-BIRTHDAY Toast to Jon Bon Jovi with his own rose

Tomorrow, one of the ICONS of ’80s rock celebrates his 60th birthday, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate this achievement than popping a bottle of his own wine. That’s right, Jon Bon Jovi is a wine connoisseur; ROSE to be exact.  (That’s roh-zay, the accent won’t... Read More.


As a little kid, I can VIVIDLY remember being in the back seat of my Grandma’s 80s era Ford Thunderbird, when the calming sound of seagulls and waves came on the radio, and I immediately knew it was “Cherish” by Kool and the Gang. What was it – even at... Read More.