Radio Advertising FAQs


Very few small business owners have any formal training in advertising and marketing. Many open a new business and then just “wing it.” More often than not, the results are disappointing. At Kauai Broadcast Partners, LLC, we’re in business to help you do more business.

With the right audience and enough frequency, your advertising dollars can provide a tangible return on investment. Our goal is to make your job easier by reaching enough of the right customers to positively impact your business. The secret formula for advertising success comes down to this: “What you say times how many times you say it!”

We don’t just sell advertising. We produce marketing campaigns designed to help you grow your business. With that in mind, listed below are answers to several Frequently Asked Questions about advertising.

Is radio right for me?

If people who listen to radio do business with you, then radio is an option to explore… and 96% of us listen to radio every week*. (*Radio Advertising Bureau)

  • Radio can expand your market reach
  • Radio can target your best prospects
  • Radio can generate sufficient message frequency
  • Radio can reach mobile consumers
  • Radio can motivate people to shop
  • Radio can establish a relationship with customers
  • Radio can break through competitive clutter
  • Radio can make a lasting impression
  • Radio can maximize your advertising investment

If radio were invented today, it would be all the marketing rage. Why? Because we live in an on-the-go society, and unlike newspaper or television, radio is with us everywhere… in the car, in the office, and all over the house. Radio’s mobility, intrusiveness and target ability makes it a cost-effective marketing platform for nearly any type of business.

How long should I advertise?

The answer depends on how long you plan to be in business. Marketing experts say “never start an advertising campaign with the intention of ever stopping.” Successful advertising campaigns are consistent and ongoing.

What’s wrong with advertising only when I’m having a sale?

The unintended consequence of advertising only when having a sale is that it trains shoppers to shop with you only when a sale is in progress. And because a sale means you’re selling merchandise at a lower markup, you’re making less money on each sale. You should be encouraging customers to shop with you all the time, not just when having a sale.

How much does advertising cost?

That depends on how much of an impact you want to make and how much competition you have. Though you can purchase an occasional special package for a few hundred dollars or less, our most effective advertisers pick a station and invest $500 to $5,000 per month. Finding the budget you’re comfortable with while providing a sufficient Return On Investment can be developed through a marketing analysis.

I’m a small business with a small budget – can I still advertise effectively?

The bare minimum recommended spending can be as low as $300.00 per month based upon some specific goals and limitations. That would perhaps get you one newspaper ad, but we can develop a plan that delivers consistent advertising throughout the month. Contact us so we can suggest a plan of attack.

Do you have sales or specials?

You bet! Your sales representative will be happy to explain all the details.

What type of advertising is best for me?

This too varies by industry, but we’re somewhat partial to Radio advertising. Radio uses the power of the human voice to motivate and persuade potential customers to do business with you. And Radio can spread the word faster, more effectively and more economically than any other media.

How do I create an effective ad?

Whether advertising on Radio or in other media, effective ads all have the same thing in common – a good offer and a call to action. However, too many ads are poorly written and poorly implemented. Ask us for information on how to make your advertising more effective.

Who makes my commercial?

We can produce your commercial, or we can suggest an outside production house. Production is free for all our advertisers. Our mission is to create top quality advertising that works for our client’s custom marketing plan. How? By listening to the client to find out what their true needs and goals are and spending the time required to develop the right message to serve the client’s needs.

Which radio station gets the best results?

For maximum effectiveness, advertise on a station that matches the target demographic of your product or service. For example, if you’re selling farm equipment, a country station is a better choice than the local hip-hop station. If selling women’s clothing, a station with lots of women listeners is a better choice than an all-sports station.

Should I hire an advertising agency?

If your budget is sufficient to develop a complete multi-media approach with extensive creativity, there are some talented advertising agencies to choose from. However, for most local businesses, advertising agencies are typically too expensive.

Should I do a “remote” (live broadcast)?

Live broadcasts are great for grabbing attention for a major event or sale. Our radio stations provide talent, engineering and great visibility. In most cases, weekend broadcasts are booked a month, or more, in advance. Contact us to check on available dates and times.

What is reach and frequency?

An advertising term that calculates how many people you’ll touch with your commercial (reach) and how often they’ll hear that message (frequency). Research shows if you can reach two-thirds of a radio stations audience 3.5 times each; your ad will break through and be heard. Contact us and we’ll provide you the number of ads needed to achieve exceptional reach and frequency.

What are your payment terms/credit policies?

We accept cash, check or credit cards (MasterCard and Visa). We are also pleased to extend payment terms with approved credit.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Signing off on your approval to run an advertising campaign is standard procedure, although they’re maybe a few exceptions. It protects you with a low rate guarantee and provides written permission and consent for us to promote your business.

I tried radio once and it didn’t work, why would it work this time?

Because we go through a regimented process including a marketing analysis, custom marketing plan and creative demo commercial. This process puts all the odds for success in your favor. Our sales associates are also intelligent marketers. Suggesting a campaign that does not work is as unacceptable to us as it is to you.

What is co-op advertising?

It’s advertising paid partially by you and partially by one of your vendors. For instance, you may carry a new widget from Acme Company. Acme would pay 50% or more of your advertising bill for sharing time in your ads. Contact your vendors and ask if you have co-op dollars available.

What is drive time?

Morning drive is 6am to 10am, and afternoon drive is 3pm to 7pm. The other primary radio “day parts” are mid-day, 10am to 3pm and evenings, 7pm to midnight. Though drive-time rates are available, the most cost-effective rates are ROS (Run Of Station plan); where your commercial is heard equally in all four primary day parts, including drive times.

Should I advertise during nights and weekends?

It’s not cost effective to “anchor” your commercials in drive time only. When our clients buy “BTA/ROS”, their commercials run equally in all day parts, including drive times.

Attacking a night and weekend audience is a great way to stretch a small advertising budget. Think we’re kidding? Think of the hundreds of possible customers you could easily influence who work night and weekend shifts at hospitals and plants in our area and the hundreds who are running errands on the weekends. For just a small percentage of the number of people listening on the weekend drive through the parking lots of the area and imagine all those car radios turned on. Plus, there’s less advertising in the evening and weekends, which means your commercial will be noticed even more than usual.

Should I advertise with your stations on-air or online?

Ideally, both. Everyone listens to the radio and everyone is online in one form or another. We promote the content on our radio station websites heavily. When we do that we’re bringing listeners to see the banner ads located there as well. While your radio ads inform and maintain “TOMA”, our online display ads point listeners to your website for additional information, to print a coupon and/or direct online purchasing opportunities.

Ready to get started?

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