Three missing Detroit rappers died of multiple gunshot wounds, police say


(DETROIT) — The Michigan State Police says it continues to investigate the deaths of three Michigan rappers after confirming Tuesday each died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Police have determined that their deaths were not a random incident and believe they have determined a motive, though it has not yet been released.

The rappers — 38-year-old Armani Kelly, 31-year-old Dante Wicker and 31-year-old Montoya Givens — were last seen on Jan. 21.

Their remains were found last week in the basement of an abandoned apartment complex in Highland Park, Michigan.

The men were scheduled to perform for a rap event at Lounge 31 that was canceled at the last minute due to an issue with the DJ.

Police had been concerned about their disappearance because there had not been any activity on their phones or online accounts.

Police said the three men were together at some point on Jan. 21, but they do not know if they left Lounge 31 together.

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