New winter storm brings heavy snow and rain to West Coast, East Coast warms up


(NEW YORK) — A new winter storm is brought heavy rain and snow along the West Coast over the weekend.

A foot of snow fell in the mountains around Lake Tahoe, with nine inches reported further south at Mammoth Mountain in California, with snow steadily falling on Sunday afternoon, according to meteorologists.

As for rain, about half an inch fell in San Francisco.

Heavy snow will continue over mountain ranges in the West.

The Cascades Mountain range will see two to four feet of heavy snow early in the week. The Rocky Mountains are expected to get between six and 12 inches of snow between Sunday and Wednesday morning as the storm makes its way east.

The storm system will redevelop over the Plains bringing rain from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes by Tuesday evening.

Overnight and into Tuesday, intense storms may form in Texas between Austin to Houston, potentially bringing damaging winds and possible tornados.

From Dallas to Nashville, there may be a minor threat of floods by Wednesday, where moderate to heavy rain may occur and lead to either areal or flash flooding.

As the rain moves into the Northeast Thursday morning and afternoon, it will mainly be rain because temperatures will be well above average this week, following a weekend of blistering cold weather that invaded the region, leaving 25 million Americans under wind chill alerts.

The coldest wind chill in U.S. history was recorded Saturday morning in Mount Washington, New Hampshire, at minus 108 degrees.

Temperatures in the Northeast will be between five to 15 degrees above average throughout the week with highs in the 40s and 50s.

On Monday, temperatures in Boston, Massachusetts, will reach 48 degrees. The city recorded its lowest temperature on Saturday, reaching minus 9 degrees, dropping below its previous record of minus 5 degrees in 1881. Wind chills made it feel like minus 35 degrees in Boston.

Temperatures in Portland, Maine, reached minus 45 degrees Friday night, with the city hitting a record-breaking windchill of minus 41 degrees. On Monday, temperatures will reach 41 degrees.

New York City and Philadelphia will reach temperatures of 53 degrees and 55 degrees, respectively, on Wednesday, after a weekend of extreme cold.

Heading into the Valentine’s Day holiday, temperatures will remain above average for the East Coast and below average for the West Coast.

ABC News’ Emily Shapiro, Max Golembo, Melissa Griffin, and Nadine El-Bawab contributed to this report.

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