Michigan, Ohio brace for storms after tornadoes rip through Iowa, Kansas, Missouri


(NEW YORK) — As Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska clean up from the more than 20 reported tornadoes that ripped through the region, the tornado threat moves east on Wednesday to Michigan and Ohio.

The strongest tornado so far was an EF-2 with 118 mph winds in Greenwood County, Kansas.

In Smithville, Missouri, an EF-1 tornado with 95 mph winds forced a family to flee for their lives.

Kristel Kemp and her young son ran from their home — which is now destroyed — and sheltered in a brick bathroom.

“Survivor mode kicked in, I guess,” she told ABC News. “It felt like the longest run of my life.”

On Wednesday, the tornado threat moves into the Ohio Valley and southern Great Lakes, including Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

A new storm could also bring another round of severe weather to Kansas City, Missouri, on Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

On Thursday, that new storm will move east and south, impacting states from Texas to Indiana.

The biggest threat for tornadoes will be from Louisville, Kentucky, to St. Louis. Damaging winds and hail are the biggest threat for Dallas.

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