Man, woman arrested after 3 pounds of cocaine falls from fake pregnancy belly: Sheriff


(NEW YORK) — Deputies in South Carolina arrested a “pregnant” woman after three pounds of cocaine fell from a rubber belly the suspect allegedly taped to herself.

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office deputies pulled over Anthony Miller and Cemeka Mitchem, both of Charlotte, on Interstate 85 on April 12 during a “proactive patrol,” according to an account from the sheriff’s office.

Public Information Officer Shale Remien told ABC News that the stop was predicated on Miller’s erratic driving. He allegedly weaved through multiple lanes and nearly collided with a semi-trailer truck, Remien said.

Miller and Mitchem behaved nervously during the stop and volunteered that Mitchem was pregnant, according to Remien.

“The first red flag began when the two gave conflicting information about her ‘due date,"” the release from the office said.

Remien added that the two offered different information about their destination. Deputies also found marijuana in their vehicle, according to Remien.

Mitchem fled from the officers as they grew increasingly suspicious of the “conflicting story” offered by the couple, according to police.

“Mitchem immediately took off running and very quickly drugs fell from the fake rubber stomach,” the release noted.

Both Mitchem and Miller were arrested and face drug trafficking charges for the 1,500 grams of cocaine officers retrieved from the stop. The two remain incarcerated in Anderson County.

“It’s not every day we see something like that,” Remien said.

Information about Miller and Mitchem’s attorney was not immediately available.

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