Bodycam footage, 911 calls detail heroic rescue of 6-year-old who fell from roller coaster


(KISSIMMEE, Fla.) — Harrowing new body camera footage and 911 tapes paint a picture of the heroic lengths first responders went to in order to save a 6-year-old boy who fell from a rollercoaster in Central Florida last week.

The body camera footage showed paramedics tending to the boy who, according to the police report, could have fallen from as high as 30 feet, landing beneath the tracks of the Galaxy Spin roller coaster at the Fun Spot America theme park in Kissimmee, Florida.

911 calls highlighted the urgency from park employees who jumped into action.

“The child fell off the ride. Right now, we have him on the floor. They’re screaming. We’re trying our best not to move him,” a park employee is heard saying. “He’s bleeding from his … on his top corner of his head. It’s very swollen.”

The 911 dispatcher instructed the employee not to move the child unless he was in danger.

Body camera footage featured another witness who described the ride as “very jerky.”

First responders were able to get the child to a hospital, where he was treated for injuries.

The boy is now reportedly out of the hospital and recovering at home. The ride is currently closed as authorities investigate the cause of the accident.

Amusement industry safety consultant Brian Avery said “millions and even billions of riders do experience amusement rides in a safe manner,” but that more needs to be done.

“There are still issues that need to be addressed in our industry to close gaps with respect to the known and foreseeable hazards that exist in amusement rides and devices,” he said.

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