Will Jonas Brothers “dress for the era” at their Broadway residency next week?


Each night of the Jonas Brothers‘ upcoming Broadway residency will feature the guys playing songs from a different album — ranging from their self-titled debut right up to their upcoming release, The Album. But it appears the guys may be contemplating actually dressing to match, too.

On Instagram, the guys posted a video captioned, “When you’re trying to convince your brother to dress for the era* — *including the scarves — at the NYC shows next week.” It shows Joe and Kevin attempting to convince Nick by lip-syncing to that clip of Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling saying, “Not everyone gets this opportunity! And if you keep talkin’ like this, you’re gonna put it all at risk!”

Whether or not the guys don scarves and suit vests for their performances, their looks from each era  — captured in their album artwork — are prominently displayed on the covers of the Playbills that will be distributed at each show. There will be different Playbills for each night, but you can purchase them all together in one bundle now, or individually.

On the Bros’ website, there’s also a capsule collection of Broadway merch, including tees that feature the different Playbill covers.

The residency kicks off March 14 with a performance of songs from Jonas Brothers, followed by A Little Bit Longer, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, Happiness Begins and The Album. The group also promises to play “all our greatest hits,” as well as the album material, so don’t worry about missing out on those if you don’t go to every show.

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