Why Kelly Clarkson isn’t ready to date yet: “I’m really enjoying me”


Kelly Clarkson split with husband Brandon Blackstock in 2020, and their divorce was officially finalized in March 2022. But despite the fact that she’s now an eligible bachelorette, Kelly won’t be signing up for Match.com anytime soon.

During an interview with Access Hollywood, host Mario Lopez asked Kelly, “Is dating even on the radar right now?” Kelly laughed and said, “No! It’s funny ’cause my therapist was literally like, ‘You should go on a date.’ And I’m like, ‘Nooo.’ I sound like such a cliché, but I’m really enjoying me.”

And as for getting married again, Kelly said, “I don’t think marriage has to be for everyone. I think that you can exist in a relationship and it can be what you want it to be.”

Kelly also told Access Hollywood that her upcoming album is her “most personal record,” because it charts the entire “arc of a relationship” — specifically, her relationship with Brandon. Asked to choose three emojis that best describe it, she chose a glass of wine, a broken heart and a shining sun.

Finally, Kelly was asked about her upcoming gig hosting the 2023 NFL Honors, a primetime special that awards the best players, performances and plays from the 2022 NFL season. 

Kelly, the first woman ever to host the event, revealed she had mixed feelings about taking the gig, saying, “I was like, ‘Now wait, I’m not involved in sportsball whatsoever. Shouldn’t you ask someone who’s involved in the sports community?"”

But considering Kelly’s won several Emmys for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host, we don’t think she’ll have too much trouble handling the job.

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