‘Trolls Band Together’ brings you animated *NSYNC members and Camila Cabello, too


Trolls Band Together is in theaters November 17 and the guys from *NSYNC don’t just sing “Better Place” on the soundtrack: They actually provide voices for the members of a Troll boy band called “Kismet” — *NSYNC’s original name.  At a special screening of the film earlier this week, Joey Fatone explained that because the movie is about boy bands, it was perfect project.

In the film, Justin Timberlake‘s character Branch is revealed to have been a member of a boy band with his now-estranged brothers called BroZone — so cue tons of groan-inducing boy-band related puns.

“The song fits together with the whole story line … It was meant to be,” Joey said. “It’s a fun throwback to a lot of different songs. Obviously, you got Backstreet Boys stuff, you got *NSYNC stuff … every kind of boy band you would think of … even New Kids.”

Chris Kirkpatrick teased that the *NSYNC reunion “could be just the tip of the iceberg.” But for now, he said, “This is just something that the five of us get to do and hang out again.”

He added, “Y’know, when we’re back together, it’s just like old times …  it’s great to come back and have people that get my inside jokes again.”

*NSYNC may be grabbing all the headlines, it’s easy to forget that there’s another chart-topping pop star in the cast of the film: Camila Cabello. She plays Viva, Poppy’s long-lost sister.

“Viva is the kind of person who will knock on your door at 3 a.m. … to persuade you to get out and be like, ‘The night is still young. Let’s go,"” she explained. “She has that much energy and life force vitality inside her.”

Other musicians in the cast include Troye Sivan, Kid Cudi and Anderson .Paak.

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