“There’s no manual for living with trauma”: Jewel opens up about recent mental health struggles


Jewel revealed this week she hasn’t been posting “cute” content on her socials for a while because she is working through some past trauma.

Taking to TikTok, the hitmaker explained she wanted to “do a little check-in” with her fans to address what’s been going on in her life. “This has been a really hard couple of weeks for me,” she said. “I had something that triggered the living hell out of me.”

She did not go into detail about what caused her mental distress. Jewel instead explained she normally goes “scorched Earth” when triggered, but this time she “held it in,” which she said “paralyzed me.”  

The singer said she “hasn’t been in the mood for cute content,” and has instead been working through why she was triggered and understanding what it means.

“Trauma’s a b****.  Trauma’s a motherf***er,” the singer said, adding that “healing doesn’t mean you won’t get triggered again” but it does help her process trauma in healthier ways.

“We heal and we practice self-growth so that we can choose how these shocks change us,” she added. “That’s just where I’m at. That is what I’m going through.”

Jewel pointed to her #NotAloneChallenge so more people can speak out about their struggles and further normalize conversations on mental health.

“There’s no manual for living with trauma and the kind of PTSD that I’ve had — but, we’re creating one,” she offered, adding that it is rewarding that such conversations are helping others.

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