The meaning of the most important line in “Thank God I Do” isn’t ‘Lost’ on Lauren Daigle


Lauren Daigle‘s latest hit, “Thank God I Do,” is about how having support from a loved one, or from a higher power, can keep you stable during tough times. While the chorus goes “I don’t know who I’d be if I didn’t know you/ Thank God, I do,” Lauren says there’s another line in the song that’s even more important.

The line is, “You’re my constant/ My steadiness.” Lauren tells ABC Audio, “That song was written for the sake of probably that line. Having someone alongside you that is your constant, that when things get crazy, when things get wild, even though it’s chaotic out there, there’s something that provides steadiness for you in here — and that is a constant.”

But the use of the word “constant” may make some fans wonder if Lauren’s a fan of the groundbreaking ABC series Lost. After all, one of the show’s most beloved and highly praised episodes is called “The Constant,” and it’s about how the woman one of the characters loves is his “constant” throughout all the crazy things that happen to him. But Lauren’s never seen the show.

“Oh my gosh, I have not. No, I haven’t watched it. I have heard it is amazing,” Lauren says. “I’m so bad at watching TV shows or even movies. I love it so much, but just timewise, I don’t have that luxury quite so much.”

Following the May release of the first part of Lauren’s self-titled album, the second half is due September 8. She kicks off her Kaleidoscope tour on September 6.

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