That’s what I like: Bruno Mars gets his own signature guitar


Bruno Mars says he doesn’t think of himself as a guitar player, but Fender has honored him with his own signature model anyway.

The Bruno Mars Signature Stratocaster comes in a brand new color named after Bruno: Mars Mocha Heirloom. The gold hardware is aged, which gives the guitar a worn-in feel, and it features vintage-style elements and leopard-print accents. The finish and the leopard print are nods to two of Bruno’s guitar heroes: Jimi Hendrix and Prince

Plus, the guitar comes with custom pickups that will allow fans to get the same kind of sounds that Bruno uses on his records. It costs $3,000 — but that includes a case and a leopard-print strap.

The new instrument will allow Bruno to play with “Finesse,” pun intended. He says in a statement, “I don’t think of myself as a guitar player. I’m more of a frustrated songwriter. Every song is like a puzzle you have to solve, and a good guitar can bring something out of you that can help take you to the finish line.”

“That’s what I wanted from this guitar,” he added. “It was also important to have a workhorse that I could depend on for performing live and writing in the studio, whether it be rhythm or lead.”

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