“That was rubbish, I’m sorry”: Lewis Capaldi’s voice cracks while performing “Pointless”


Although Lewis Capaldi is considered an amazing singer, sometimes even his voice betrays him. Case in point — it cracked when he was belting out “Pointless” at a recent concert.

Instead of sweeping the embarrassing incident under the rug, Lewis posted it to his TikTok and had a laugh with his followers. The clip sees him belting out the chorus before his voice breaks during the line, “Everything is pointless without you.”

Lewis then grabs the microphone and turns away from the audience to apologize, “That was rubbish, I’m sorry.”

He captioned the video, “i promise i am paid to sing professionally.”  

In a separate TikTok, the singer took a moment to reflect on his singing journey. The video starts with a very young Lewis singing at what appears to be a recital before the scene pans to a jam-packed arena with concertgoers singing along to his hit song “Before You Go.”

“it’s a funny world,” he captioned the sweet update. 

Lewis is currently on tour in support of his forthcoming album, Broken By Desire to be Heavenly Sent, which arrives May 19. His tour runs until September 23, with a final stop set for Belfast, Ireland. 

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