Taylor Swift’s piano starts playing on its own during Sunday’s post-rain show


Taylor Swift’s piano had a mind of its own at her Massachusetts show at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

After a steady downpour the previous night, the instrument started malfunctioning as Taylor sat to play one of the night’s surprise song selections. It began playing ghostly low notes without Taylor even touching the keys.

“Here’s what happened. So, it rained a lot last night — like a monsoon,” Taylor explained in fan-captured video from the stage. “To be exact, it rained for three and a half hours straight, and it just kept getting more and more rain. Literally, it was like a water park under the stage. You have no idea.”

“This has clearly broken my keyboard, ’cause it was like literally underwater,” she continued. “I didn’t know how any of the instruments were working last night. So, this is broken. I’m just gonna get the guitar. It’s gonna be fine.”

Meanwhile, a fan who was in attendance at Saturday’s waterlogged show is apparently trying to cash in. The fan reportedly tried selling rain droplets from the tour on Facebook Marketplace for $250.

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