‘Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour’ movie merch is already on eBay


The Taylor Swift economy marches on: Fans who attended Thursday’s screenings of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour film are already selling the merch on eBay.

Many theaters showing the film are offering merch, including branded popcorn buckets and soda cups, posters and tote bags. As The Messenger reports, those items are now being sold online for a huge markup. Individual drink cups are being sold for nearly $50 each — without soda — while popcorn buckets are being sold for over $60.

Meanwhile, some merch bundles that include the bucket, cup and tote bag are selling for as much as $150. These prices are more than double what it costs at the theater. 

  • Of course, many of these items are while supplies last, so that may be why people want to shell out for them: What if they don’t have any left at their screenings?

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