Sia awards $200,000 to ‘Survivor’ finalists she thinks should have won season 43


Sia is a major fan of Survivor and, as she does each year, awarded cash prizes to the contestants she wishes had won the $1 million prize.

Every year the singer doles out The Sia Award. Mike Gabler won season 43 of the long-running reality show, but the “Cheap Thrills” singer thinks Jesse LopezRyan Medrano and Owen Knight shouldn’t have gone home empty-handed — so she gave them some cold, hard cash.

Sia awarded Lopez, who finished in fourth place, $100,000 because she was “devastated” that he didn’t win, reports Entertainment Weekly. “I just think you played the most epic, sneaky, wonderful game in the whole world. It was the most epic move I’ve ever seen,” she told Lopez in a video call.

Sia also vowed to do what she can to get Lopez cast as a returning player in the future.

After gifting $50,000 to Knight and Medrano, she explained in a video call how they made an impact on her.

She told third-place finisher Knight she loved his personality and that she knows what it’s like to be the underdog. As for Medrano, Sia praised his decision to avoid any drama and instead help his fellow contestants with whatever they needed.

“You’re a totally beautiful, beautiful person,” she lauded the ninth-place finisher, adding she thinks Medrano is a hero.

Survivor airs on CBS.

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