Shawn Mendes shares his mental health tip: “Nature kinda effortlessly heals us”


May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, so who better than Shawn Mendes, who’s very publicly shared his own mental health struggles, to give us advice on the subject?

On Tuesday, Shawn wrote on Instagram, “Honestly sometimes when i’m having bad anxiety doing things like Meditation, journaling & breath work feels really hard to do. Sometimes i just need REST & go into nature for a little bit.”

He continues, “I’ve found my spots around town that i can escape to for an hour or so when things feel intense & it’s really changed my life. Nature kinda effortlessly heals us.”

“I hope you’re doing okay,” he concluded, adding #mentalhealthmonth.

He accompanied the post with a carousel of photos of him among scenes of nature: walking shirtless in a desert, standing in a field of flowers, sitting shirtless by a waterfall, and surveying the landscape while wearing an extremely tight and small pair of shorts.

Last July, Shawn canceled his Wonder Tour to prioritize his mental health. Earlier this year, he spoke about his journey with WSJ Magazine

“The process was very difficult. A lot of doing therapy, a lot of trying to understand how I was feeling and what was making me feel that way. And then doing the work to help myself and heal,” he said.  

He added, “I’m also really grateful for all the people that were so accepting and loving and kind and understanding. And it just really made me see how culture is really starting to get to a place where mental health is really becoming a priority.”

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