Shania Twain is “praying” for fellow Canadian diva Celine Dion to be able to perform again


Shania Twain and Celine Dion have a lot in common: They’re both Grammy-winning Canadian singers who have had successful Las Vegas residencies, and they’ve also had medical problems that have kept them from performing. That’s why Shania says she’s “praying” for Celine to be able to overcome the Stiff-Person Syndrome that’s forced her to cancel all her live performances.

“I’m such a fan of Celine’s voice,” Shania tells Billboard. “She’s a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary vocalist and entertainer.” 

Shania, who was left unable to sing after contracting Lyme disease in 2003, adds, “I hope to be able to connect with her at some point. I think it’s gotta be so difficult, and I know — only speaking from my experience — how horrifying it is to think that something is preventing you from singing, or interfering with that joy in your life.”

“So I just pray that she is able to overcome it and she will be up there [on stage] singing for us all again,” she concludes.  

Shania also tells Billboard that she originally envisioned her song “From This Moment On” being recorded by Celine.

“I wrote that with her in mind, and I really wanted her — my wish was that I would write it and she would record it. It would have been such an honor,” reveals Shania. “But my husband and producer at the time [Mutt Lange] was like, ‘No, this really needs to be on your record.’ And I’m so grateful that I did record it.”

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