Scott Hoying of Pentatonix releases two new live versions of debut solo single “Mars”


Scott Hoying spent most of last month on a Christmas tour with his group Pentatonix, but now that the new year has started, he’s focusing on his solo career.

The singer’s just released two live versions of his debut solo single “Mars”: One is a stripped-back acoustic version, while the other features a choir. The lyrics are slightly different from the original version, as well.

In a statement, Scott says, “The song ‘Mars’ is very special to me. It’s not only a song I’m very proud of but also releasing it is such a symbol of all the self work I’ve done over the years.”

He adds, “It’s a song I wrote from such an honest place about the love of my life and how much he impacted me as a person. I’ve always dreamed of releasing solo music, but for a multitude of different reasons I never did. This year has been really special and transformative for me so it felt like the right time to go for it.”

Scott and his boyfriend, Mark Manio, got engaged last April and are currently planning their wedding.

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