Sarah McLachlan parodies old ASPCA commercials for new Busch Light Super Bowl ad


Sarah McLachlan is back for her second Super Bowl ad and is bringing the laughs by teaming up with Busch Light to spoof her old ASPCA commercials.

The ASPCA famously used her 1998 song “Angel” for its tear-jerking commercials, which showed homeless cats and dogs in shelters. Now, Sarah is using her ballad for wild animals.

The commercial, titled The Busch Guide: Cold + Smooth Survival Skills, starts with the company’s rugged mascot, affectionately known as Busch Guy, providing tips on how to survive in the wilderness. He goes over the three necessities — food, drink and shelter — but it appears the Canadian singer misinterprets who is in need of shelter.

Sarah sits in a tent with a wolf and launches into a speech about needing donations to provide shelter for wild animals. Of course, “Angel” is playing as the camera shows foxes, deer and other forest animals in their natural habitat.

Busch Guy interrupts her spiel by cracking open a beer and pointing out, “Wrong shelter, Sarah.” He also lets her know she’s sitting next to a wolf, not a dog.

The 30-second spot will air during the Super Bowl on February 12. Busch Light will donate $25,000 to One Tree Planted to help with global forest conservation.

This marks Sarah’s second Super Bowl ad and third overall parodying her ASPCA commercials. Her last commercial for the big game was in 2014, when she teamed up with Audi for that infamous Doberhuahua spot.

She also appeared in a 2022 commercial by partnering with Ryan Reynolds‘ Maximum Effort marketing company to raise awareness of abandoned online shopping carts.

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