Sara Bareilles makes up a new song to shame her dog for making a mess of her clean rug


Looks like Sara Bareilles is still struggling with puppy — or shall we say “poopy” — problems after her dog Louie decided to defecate on a newly cleaned rug.

The singer used the accident to publicly shame her dog while amusing her Instagram followers at the same time.

Sharing a video of the apologetic-looking pooch, Sara captioned the clip, “There were bells on the door but I never heard them ringing…no I never heard them at all…till there was you” — a spoof of the Beatles‘ song “Till There Was You.”

The video shows Sara pointing a finger at the guilty pup while singing, “I just had my rug cleaned professionally, then you went and pooped on it for everyone to see. And now you feel bad, you feel bad, yeah.” The following slide shows the crime scene, with a pile of plop resting on the multi-colored rug.

Sara had told her fans in April that she was having puppy problems and asked for advice on her Instagram Story to stop her dog from making a mess of her home.

She insisted that Louie had “no trouble until last night” and sought advice on how to correct this unwanted behavior. 

Based on this latest post, especially with fans pointing out that Sara had now put aluminum foil beneath her furniture legs, it seems that Louie is still pooping wherever he pleases.

Fans are also asking Sara to release a full version of her “dog-shaming bop.”


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