Sam Smith’s “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” music video causes controversy for its sexual nature


Sam Smith turned heads with their sexual “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” music video, but some people want YouTube to add age restrictions to it because they say it’s too inappropriate.

The music video itself is at the center of a debate, with critics saying on social media the video shouldn’t be shown to young children. On the flip side, Sam’s fans are defending the video and claiming other sexually charged music videos made by women have not received the same level criticism.

Those on Sam’s side are also accusing the proponents of age restrictions of being bigoted against the LGBTQ community. The singer’s fans have said on social media they think Sam is receiving backlash because they’re not straight, cisgendered and slim.

Sam has not yet responded to the controversy. Instead, they have taken to their Instagram Story to highlight TikTokers performing the music video’s choreography. 

However, Sam opened up to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 about the hate they’ve experienced since changing their pronouns and coming out as nonbinary. 

“Someone spat at me in the street. It’s crazy,” Sam said. “If that’s happening to me and I’m famous — I’m a pop star — can you imagine what other kids, like, queer kids are feeling?”

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