Sam Smith will put more priority on their mental and physical health during their new tour


Sam Smith is gearing up for their next global tour, but this time it’ll flow a little differently than the last few times.

Speaking with Billboard, the hitmaker revealed they are being mindful of their mental health and limits — even though they are adding new dates for the upcoming Gloria Tour.

The tour kicks off April 23 in Sheffield, England, and Sam just announced five new dates set for Australia later this fall. “I start rehearsals in March,” they revealed. “I’m starting to prep now, really. I’m starting to watch what I eat, what I’m drinking, starting to move my body more, train my voice, just getting ready for the year ahead.”

“I’m not doing as many gigs this time as last time, when I hit nearly 130 gigs. That was really intense. We’re doing a little less, keeping an eye on my mind and my body,” they explained, adding that they have an understanding of what they will and will not be able to do this time around.

“I think I’ll always feel fatigued after a tour, it’s an intense job,” said Sam. “The jetlag and the adrenaline crash you go through every night when you walk off stage, it’s very intense. I plan my breaks, so it’s not going to be impossible. It’s just about getting used to jetlag. Every time I do it, I know how to look after myself more and more.”

Sam will release Gloria on January 27. The singer is set to take their tour through the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia. It is unknown if more dates are being planned at this time.

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