Sam Smith on “beautiful” Ed Sheeran collab, “wild” ‘Gloria’ tour and next four (!) albums


Sam Smith‘s new album Gloria is out Friday, and the final track on the project, “Who We Love,” is a collaboration with Ed Sheeran. But while Sam says they and Ed have a “beautiful friendship,” and Ed is “such a special man,” they initially weren’t happy that Ed sent them a song.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Sam says, “I was immediately uncomfortable, because I don’t do that. I don’t get sent songs and then sing on them. So it was a bit of an ego moment at first.” But as they note, “That was before I heard it.”

“I clicked play, and it was just one of those moments…it was like, I can spend my whole two years trying to write all these pop records, right?” they explain. “But Ed, and Ed’s ability to write music — it’s just so special.”

So Sam finished the song and they sang it together. “It was beautiful thing to share with him,” they say. “And I think that the message behind the song is so beautiful. It’s just a really classic love song for everyone.”

Sam will support Gloria with a world tour, which they say will be “amazing,” with elements inspired by Queen‘s Freddie Mercury, opera and Liberace. Sam predicts, “It’s going to be wild…it’s like theater, theater, theater. That’s what I want to go for.”

And Sam, 30, says more new music’s coming.

“I have my next three albums planned, genuinely,” they tell Zane. “And possibly half of them are written. I have a very clear aim that I want to bring out, probably, another four records before I’m 35. Because at 35 I want to go traveling.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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