Sam Smith brings Kim Petras and Sharon Stone to ‘Saturday Night Live’


Sam Smith was the musical guest on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live and they brought two blonde guest stars with them: Kim Petras and, surprisingly, actress Sharon Stone.

During their performance of “Unholy,”  Sam started the song enveloped in an enormous ruffled pink gown that trailed down to the floor and spread out around them. After the first verse, two women came out, grabbed the front of the gown and opened it up, to reveal Kim Petras sitting underneath on a platform.

Kim, in a mini blazer dress and boots, then got up out of the dress and finished her part of the song while Sam donned a metallic top hat with devil horns on it.

For their performance of “Gloria,” the title track of their new album, Sam, wearing a gold sequinned cape, joined a choir in black sequinned robes to sing the song, which sounds like a medieval chant. In front of them, Stone, clad in a strapless black and gold gown, lay on a platform covered with gold sequinned material.

Stone posed motionless, staring up at the ceiling with a strange smile on her face, during most of the song, and then at the end, she sat up and stared out into the distance.

As for why Stone, who later appeared in a sketch with host Aubrey Plaza, was part of the performance, it’s possibly because she starred in the 1999 remake of the 1980 film Gloria, which starred Gena Rowlands.

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