Rachel Platten shares her “Girls” latest milestones: “Its really amazing”


Rachel Platten has been on the road promoting her music lately, but she’s getting updates from home about her two daughters, Violet, 5, and Sophie, 2.

Rachel’s latest hit, “Girls,” was inspired by Violet and Sophie, and she tells People that this stretch of time is the longest she’s ever been away from them. “Oh my God, I miss them so much,” she says. “I hope never to do longer.”

But even though she’s not physically there, she’s still keeping track of all her daughters’ milestones. She tells People, “Sophie did just learn how to kick a soccer ball. She’s really proud of herself … she’s like ‘I kick! I kick! I kick!’”

“And Violet just learned how to read,” she continues. “She just turned five and she’s so proud of herself. It’s really amazing to watch them start to develop these life skills that we take for granted and just the innocent joy they get from it. It’s really sweet.”

The “Fight Song” singer, who was open about her battle with postpartum depression, tells People that she wants to use her platform to remind women that they don’t have to “feel alone in that experience.”

“It can be really isolating and scary and lonely. And I think the more that we are vulnerable and help each other and, you know, share our experiences and take our masks off, I think it allows us to feel the community and know that it’s not weird,” she says. “We’re not bad moms … unfortunately, it’s our hormones and … there’s help.”

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