Pregnant Meghan Trainor thinks baby’s good luck led to Super Bowl commercial cameo


Meghan Trainor thinks babies bring good luck — case in point, after finding out she was expecting baby #2, Pringles called her up and asked if she wanted to be in their Super Bowl commercial.

“[Pringles] asked me to be in their big game commercial, and I was like, ‘Me? Are they sure?’ I was crying,” she told People

The invitation turned into an emotional moment, with Meghan explaining, “I teared up and called my family. My brothers are big sports guys, so they were like, ‘Oh my God!’ It was like I won a Grammy all over again. It was the best call of my life.”

Meghan makes a brief cameo in Pringles’ upcoming commercial, which will air February 12 during the big game. The spot makes fun of people getting their hands stuck in the Pringles tube when trying to extract the last chip at the bottom.

The theme of the spot is, “It happens to the best of us.”

Meghan, of course, appears with a Pringles tube stuck on her hand — but she doesn’t seem to mind the inconvenience. Instead, she’s seen laughing and petting her dog.

“That’s my dog, Roo. She’s a star. She got extra treats that day, and she ate the Pringles so it was great,” Meghan recalled of her shoot. “And my older brother was there; he was the dog wrangler.”

So, which team will Meghan be rooting for at the upcoming game? “I’m not the best at following sports, but I’m in it for the commercials when I’m watching the Super Bowl,” she answered.

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