Pink talks daughters career plans, but her own wont include American Idol


Pink‘s daughter Willow has some big career goals, but when it comes to her own work, she’s not interested in branching out.

Chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Pink explained why she has no interest in replacing Katy Perry on American Idol. “I don’t like hurting people’s feelings,” she argued. When ET informed her that Idol is more about mentoring and nurturing these days, Pink replied, “But also being honest [right?]. I’m not set up for this. I like my day job.”

As for Willow, Pink told People, “She’s got a voice, man. She’s a little bird. She wants to do Broadway and then be a trauma surgeon.” According to Pink, that last career goal is a result of watching Grey’s Anatomy.

For now, though, Willow continues to earn minimum wage working on her mom’s tour, where she joins her onstage every night for a song. In the past, that song’s been their duet, “Cover Me in Sunshine,” but that might change.

“We’re learning a new song together, which is exciting,” Pink told People. “She’s not totally on board yet. She’s very into musical theater. I’m trying to get her to spread her wings a little bit.”

Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour will resume in June in Wales.

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