Pink said she personally put a booty shot into her “Never Not Gonna Dance Again” music video


Pink wants her fans to know that she personally requested that booty shot in her “Never Not Gonna Dance Again” music video.

The singer shared a “making of” video for her latest offering and addressed the video’s polarizing shot where the camera is focused on her bum as she rolls through a grocery store. “I’ve been working on this booty and I am strong like a bull, And that booty shot was a personal request by me,” she wrote.

As for what inspired the setting, she said, “I just wanted the video to be insane fun. As a little girl, I never took off my roller skates. So I thought, ‘What would be more fun than skating through a grocery store?!"”

“Grocery stores are a normal, predictable and an essential part of day to day life. We wanted to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, seeing everyone break free from the monotony on life,” the narration continued.

The music video is about Pink being “the Pied Piper of this story,” where she shakes people loose from their routine to enjoy a “neon-disco ball-letting-go ceremony in the produce section.”

“This song was inspired by all the times in my life that we give up making a beautiful memory because we’re worried about what we will look like or sound like… We miss out on so much by living in our heads instead of our bodies and our hearts,” she continued.

In all, the music video is “just a celebration of humanness and life.”

She further revealed the video’s parking lot dance number was a direct homage to the dance solo from her first music video, “There You Go.” She also revealed “Never Not Gonna Dance Again” is her 50th music video.

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