Pink reportedly drops five grand on painting created by chimps


Pink went ape over a painting she bought ahead of Miami Art Week.

Page Six reports that Pink purchased a $5,000 abstract painting created by two chimpanzees. The work, called “Art by Patty & Kramer,” is part of what’s being called the first-ever “exhibit of art by chimpanzees.” Patty and Kramer are the names of the chimps who created the acrylic painting, which features blue, white and pink streaks.

Pink bought the painting online during a pre-sale ahead of the exhibit’s official opening on Wednesday, one of the organizers told Page Six. According to the organizer, Pink was “heartened to learn that chimps find painting therapeutic and, like humans, the ape artists tend to be introspective.” She also reportedly “sent a sweet note calling [the painting] ‘Patty and Kramer’s masterpiece."”

Proceeds from the painting — and the entire exhibit — will benefit the Save the Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce, FL. The sanctuary is home to hundreds of chimps who’ve been rescued from labs, the entertainment industry and the pet trade.

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