Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying thinks group’s solo projects are “ironically, what’s kept us together”


Scott Hoying of Pentatonix is launching a solo career: He recently released two new versions of his debut single, “Mars.” While some bands aren’t cool with members going solo, Scott says it’s really what keeps Pentatonix going as a group.

Scott notes that he’s actually the last member of the group to launch a solo endeavor. 

“It’s a super open conversation in Pentatonix … I’ll send them songs I’m working on, and we always talk about the solo stuff we’re doing,” Scott tells ABC Audio.

“I think that’s, honestly — ironically — what’s kept us together,” he says. “Because when you’re able to really have something all to yourself, you can fulfill that part of yourself and then bring your best to Pentatonix.”

And while Scott says creating solo music outside of what he calls the “five-way marriage” of Pentatonix has been liberating and exciting for him, it’s also daunting.

“Performing and doing things is scarier, because for 10 years, anytime I’ve gone on TV or performed in front of people, I’ve had, like, my friends up there right next to me,” Scott explains. “And it’s a different kind of vulnerability when you’re up there by yourself. And also it’s a different kind of vulnerability when you’re singing lyrics that are so personal to you.”

Pentatonix is launching an international tour in March and Scott is also planning his wedding, but he’ll still find time to release more solo music in 2023.

“All the songs I write, a lot of them are about love and finding myself and finding the love of my life,” he says. “It’s a lot of epic songwriting, it’s a lot of big stuff: a lot of choir, a lot of orchestra … it has a Coldplay energy to it.” 

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