Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying on $25 Concert Week promotion, ‘Masked Singer’ experience


From now through Thursday at midnight, tickets to thousands of concerts this summer cost just $25 as part of Live Nation’s Concert Week promotion. Pentatonix is one of the acts whose summer tour is part of the promotion, and member Scott Hoying says he’s all for it because he’s shocked at the prices, too.

“It is wild. I’m currently trying to find a Beyoncé Renaissance tour ticket and let me tell you, it costs an arm and a leg, literally,” he laughs. “So that is unreal. $25! I would have dreamed of that as a child, and that was many years ago.”

He’s also glad the promotion will allow fans who normally couldn’t afford it to come see them live.

“This is just such a beautiful thing, because I think live music is such an important thing for the human soul,” he tells ABC Audio. “There’s so much connection that happens at concerts.”

Pentatonix start their U.S. summer tour in August, but they were just revealed as the California Roll on The Masked Singer’s semi-finals episode last week. Disguising a five-member group wasn’t easy, but Scott said the show’s costume team came up with the idea.

“We were so excited about it and we’re all big fans of sushi, so it was kismet,” he laughs.

Scott also says the security for the Fox show is intense and shared how he, Matt, Kevin, Mitch and Kirstin all had to wear full-body disguises even when they weren’t on camera.

“We had to drive to one location, then they drove us somewhere else … none of the crew knew who we were … it is lockdown big time,” Scott laughs. “But it was kind of cool, though. I felt like I was on a heist or something.”

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