Pentatonix’s intergroup Christmas gifting policy is “wild”


Pentatonix can almost be considered the official group of Christmas, based on all the success they’ve had with Christmas albums, songs and tours over the past few years — which is why it’s kind of funny to hear about the fivesome’s intergroup gifting policy.

“You wanna know something so wild?” member Scott Hoying asks ABC Audio. “We have, I feel like, this unspoken thing in Pentatonix where we just don’t get each other Christmas gifts — but not in a dark way.”

“It’s just kind of like, ‘Do we have to do that?"” Scott continues. He laughs, “There’s so many people to get Christmas gifts for, we’re just like, ‘Let’s all give each other a big group hug."”

There are definitely lots of people for Pentatonix to get gifts for: Out of the five members, three are married, one’s engaged and two have children. So the hugging will commence Wednesday night, as Pentatonix wraps up their Christmas Spectacular holiday tour in Connecticut and the members go their separate ways for the holiday.

Pentatonix’s Disney+ special Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays is streaming now.


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