Pentatonix talks Meghan Trainor duet “Kid on Christmas,” holiday tour and Disney+ special


Pentatonix‘s latest holiday hit is the Meghan Trainor duet “Kid on Christmas,” and PTX member Scott Hoying says it came about because he was working on Meghan’s latest album, Takin’ It Back.

“I was working with her…just doing some arrangements, and our [bandmates] Matt and Kevin brought us ‘Kid on Christmas’ and we were like, ‘This song is amazing, I love this so much,"” he tells ABC Audio. “And so I played it for Meghan and she was like, ‘This song is huge. I would love to be on it.’ And we were like, ‘Oh my God, we would be honored!"”

The song’s a part of Pentatonix’s current Christmas tour, which also features a segment where they spin the “Wheel of Christmas,” and sing whatever songs come up.

“We have so many Christmas arrangements at this point,” explains Scott. “We have over 100, literally. And so I felt like it would give each city their special own version of the show if it was like a roulette wheel that decided what song we sing.”

While they struggled to remember the arrangements for those random songs when the tour first started, eventually, says group member Mitch Grassi, “Muscle memory kicks in…it’s amazing how that works!”

Besides the tour and a new album, Holidays Around the World, Pentatonix also has a Disney+ Christmas special, which actually required them to act.

“I think we all find it to be a bit of a challenge,” says Mitch, adding, “The great part is that we’re all in it together, so we’re all kind of struggling, and then succeeding eventually.”

Scott isn’t so sure about the “succeeding” part, though.

He laughs, “I’ll run my lines with my fiancé, and I’ll be like, ‘I deserve an Oscar!"” — only to freeze up “the second the cameras are on and they say ‘action’…it’s hard!”

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