Part-time Maui resident Stevie Nicks mourns loss from wildfires: “This island…defines Fleetwood Mac”


Stevie Nicks, who owns a house on Maui, has posted a lengthy essay mourning the loss from the wildfires in Hawaii — especially the devastation of Lahaina, which is about 15 minutes from her house there.

“This island, in so many ways, defines Fleetwood Mac and me and our families,” she writes. “Mick [Fleetwood] and I came here in 1978…he said to me, ‘I will live and die on this island.’ I knew he was telling me his truth. John [McVie] also lived here in Maui for a long time — Christine [McVie] never lived here but visited many times.”

Stevie mentions that her niece, her husband and their son were at her home when the fires started, though they were eventually able to get to safety and leave. “They escaped a bullet,” Stevie writes, adding, “The end result could have been very different.”

“The Lahaina that we knew — the Lahaina that in many ways connect Fleetwood Mac and our music to the world, is gone,” she writes. “But my memories of everything that happened to me there is clear as a bell” — including, she notes, meeting her longtime backing singer, Sharon Celani, there in 1979.

“Lahaina is not gone,” Stevie concludes. “It is just away. With Aloha, Stevie Nicks.”

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