On his upcoming tour, we may hear Seal’s biggest hit twice a night


Seal‘s upcoming 30th anniversary tour, launching April 25, will feature him playing his first two albums, Seal and Seal II, in their entireties — and as a result, we may end up hearing his biggest hit not once but twice during the night.

Seal’s biggest hit is, of course, “Kiss from a Rose,” from 1994’s Seal II, but as he explains, if he plays the album in order, the song will end up in the middle of the show, and that would be weird.

“The exact tracks…whilst they work in an album format, they don’t necessarily work in a live format,” Seal tells ABC Audio. “For example… ‘Kiss from a Rose’… you would put towards the end of a set. Well, I think that was track six on album two because we didn’t know that it was going to be the song from that album.”

So what’s the solution?

“You have to get a bit more creative,” he teases. “[The song] could be placed twice — I don’t want to give too much away — but there is that possibility… in different forms.”

Seal didn’t know that “Kiss from a Rose” would be the song from the album because it flopped at first. Only after it was featured on the soundtrack of the movie Batman Forever did it become a global smash.  The marketing helped, but as Seal notes, the song’s quality was never in doubt.

“Nothing changed with ‘Kiss from a Rose,"” he explains. “It’s not like somebody did a different edit. It was the same song that was a weird waltz…that was kind of English, Baroque-type medieval, that was singing about some tower on the gray.”

He laughs, “It was the same weird song! The difference was, it was always a good song.”

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