NSYNC’s Lance Bass on why the group owes fans “some kind of goodbye”


Twenty-three years ago today — March 21, 2000 — NSYNC released their third album, No Strings Attached, which sold 2.4 million copies in its first week. That record stood for 15 years, until Adele broke it in 2015 with 25. The group released one more album, 2001’s Celebrity, before going on an indefinite “hiatus” in 2002. But because the group never officially broke up, they left fans wanting more — and NSYNC’s Lance Bass wants to give it to them.

Lance, Justin, JC, Joey and Chris reunited for one performance, at the 2013 MTV VMAs; and Lance, Joey, JC and Chris performed with Ariana Grande at Coachella in 2019. But Lance tells ABC Audio fans simply feel they’ve got unfinished business.

“I hear it all the time. The fans are just saying, ‘Just give us one more song. One more tour, one more show. Just a goodbye,"” he says. “And I agree, because none of us knew … the guys, no one knew, that that would be the last show, the last tour. So I think we owe it to the fans and to ourselves to just have some kind of goodbye message.”

However, the father of two realizes giving fans another song, another tour or another show is a slippery slope. Fans will just keep asking for more and he’s not sure they could provide it, inevitably leading to another letdown.

“It’s true. It’s true,” Lance admits. “But I think the majority would just appreciate we give them something, but y’know, now with [my] twins, it’d be very hard to get on the road. So I don’t know how that would work.”

It seems like fans will just have to be content with their individual various projects, like Lance‘s podcasts, and TV and movie productions.

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