*NSYNC reunion: Lance Bass is overwhelmed with gratitude, Justin Timberlake has a rude suggestion


It’s finally happened: There’s a new *NSYNC song out in the world. And Lance Bass, for one, is grateful people are excited about it.

Reflecting on the release of “Better Place,” recorded for the Trolls Band Together soundtrack, Lance wrote on his Instagram Story, “This song is truly a love letter to all of our fans who have been our incredible support system. You guys have stood by us through it all, even when our fashion choices were, well, let’s just say ‘unique."”

“You guys have always thought that this would happen again, even when we didn’t,” he continued. 

Addressing his bandmates, Lance wrote, “There’s a unique magic that happens when we come together, and I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else … I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the journey we’ve shared and the one that lies ahead.”

Justin Timberlake, meanwhile, isn’t quite so serious about this momentous occasion. In a blooper reel all the guys have posted on their Instagram pages, he, Lance, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick try to record a joint announcement about the song, but keep messing up.

“Hi, we’re *NSYNC,” they start. “And you’re listening to our new song,” says Joey. “Let us know if you like it,” adds Justin. “And if you don’t, go f*** yourself.”

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