No tour, no problem: Jon Bon Jovi says he doesnt “need that high” of playing live


Bon Jovi recently released their new album, FOREVER, but hasn’t announced a tour due to Jon Bon Jovi‘s voice problems: He had major vocal cord surgery in 2022 and is still recovering. In fact, Jon told EW that the band won’t tour in 2024. But luckily, Jon says playing live has never been the most important thing for him.

“You know, I’ve always had the same list of priorities,” he told ABC Audio. “One was writing. Two was recording, to see if what you’ve written was worth it. And three was sharing it with an audience.”

“I enjoy it when we’re out there. I’m quite good at it. But I don’t need that high,” he revealed. “You know, it’s really not what motivates us. For me. It doesn’t motivate me, I should say. Writing the song is first and foremost.”

However, Jon does allow that performing songs live serves an important purpose.

“When you release a record and it’s on the radio, folks are listening to it. But I don’t know the reaction to the song, you know?” he notes. “So going out and doing it live is great.” 

In the absence of a tour, we’ll just have to content ourselves with listening to the new album and watching the Hulu documentary Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story.

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