New college course on Taylor Swift comes complete with Easter eggs and friendship bracelets


Over the last few years, dozens of colleges and universities have launched courses devoted to Taylor Swift, with most of them about her songwriting and her lyrics. But the University of Houston is taking things one step further with a new course that comes complete with friendship bracelets and Easter eggs.

Next spring the school’s C.T. Bauer College of Business will offer a class called The Entrepreneurial Genius of Taylor Swift, which will cover Taylor’s expertise in marketing, fan engagement, community building and brand strategies, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Students will learn about how Taylor’s skill in all these fields has led her to rack up a reported net worth of $1 billion and allowed her to dominate the recording, touring and even movie industries. Each session of the course will be themed around one of Taylor’s albums or eras. 

All students will receive friendship bracelets, reports The Chronicle. Plus, professor Kelly McCormick will play “surprise songs” during breaks, and Easter eggs will be hidden in the class materials.

McCormick is a Swiftie who realized while attending the Eras Tour that students could learn a lot from Taylor — the #1 lesson, she says, is the way she treats her fans.

“She is beloved because she truly does so much to make sure they are happy, appreciated and feel like they are important to her,” McCormick says. “If every company acted that way about their customers — they’d have way more customers.”

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