Music notes: Lauren Spencer-Smith, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift, Lewis Capaldi and more


Lauren Spencer Smith released the music video for her song “Best Friend Breakup,” which features her looking at mementos from a friendship that ended and falling into an emotional spiral.

Kelly Clarkson threw it back to 1995 by covering the Smashing Pumpkins‘ “1979” on her daytime talk show. The singer opted for a simpler performance, with just her backing band and select lights to illuminate the stage.

Nick Jonas is taking dad duty very seriously and gave his baby, Maltie, the grand backstage tour of the Jonas Brothers‘ Las Vegas residency. Wife Priyanka Chopra shared the adorable moment to her Instagram.

Taylor Swift released the Through the Eras merchandise on her online store to further hype fans for her tour, which kicks off in a few weeks. Taylor is selling T-shirts that celebrate each of her albums, as well as hoodies, sweatpants, blankets, nail gems, activity books and more.

Lewis Capaldi has been called several things, but the singer revealed on TikTok a “random guy came up to me and said I looked like Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter.” Lewis then shared an image of the character actor Brendan Gleeson played in the film and deadpanned, “I kinda get it.”

Ed Sheeran surprised the St Kilda Football Club Saints in celebration of their 150th anniversary. The club shared a video of Ed meeting the team, who gifted him — and his daughters — some team merchandise.

Ava Max dropped the music video for “Weapons,” which fans can watch on her official Facebook.

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