Michael Jackson’s Top Ten Songs


Today the King of Pop would have turned 65! Michael Jackson remains one of the best-selling music artists of all time and one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. Now 14 years after his death in 2009, he retains the title of “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time,” according to Guiness World Records.

Today we remember Jackson’s contributions to music, dance, and pop culture with our list of Jackson’s Top Ten Songs!

#10 The Way You Make Me Feel (1987). Jackson was well into his solo career but this love song brings back reminders of the Jackson 5! 


#9 Dirty Diana (1988). A great rock song! A ‘tougher’ sound for Jackson. 


#8 Man in the Mirror (1988). Sch-mon! Jackson slows it down in this emotional ballad and sings about conflict with his own image. 


#7 Black or White (1991). A call for racial unity with a hard-hitting rhythm! 


#6 Bad (1987). With “Bad,” Jackson became the first and only male artist to chart five No. 1 hits from one album.


#5 Smooth Criminal (1988). This is just a great song and the video brought us the first glimpse of his anti-gravity lean! 


#4 Rock With You (1980). It’s an easy and enjoyable listen… Jackson’s smooth voice coupled with a catchy beat are irresistible. Oh, and the video also features his sequin jumpsuit, boots and lasers!


#3 Thriller (1982). Our top three MJ songs are arguably the ones that immediately come to mind when you think of Michael Jackson. His song “Thriller” and the accompanying video are legendary! 


#2 Beat It (1983). The guitar, the “funky” lyric, the red leather jacket in the video… it’s all classic MJ! 


#1 Billie Jean (1983). There’s no other choice for Jackson’s #1 hit – the drums, the rock, the funk, the disco, his smooth moves in the music video, all add up to the #1 ranking!