Michael Bublé says there is “a great divide” in America


Michael Bublé revealed that he isn’t as relaxed when speaking to the American press as he is with the British press because, as he puts it, it’s “very conservative.”

In a conversation with the Irish News, the Canadian singer described why he feels he can be more relaxed when chatting with the British media.

“They’re my kind of people. As a Canadian, as a Commonwealth country, there’s so many similarities,” he expressed. “There was almost a sense of relief because I had done a lot of American television and American press and they were very conservative in America – even compared to Canada.”

The singer didn’t provide names or examples of the outlets that made him feel that way.

Michael added he feels he “can be me” when dealing with British media, adding, “I don’t have to be as careful. I don’t have to worry about such a great divide.”

He clarified, “There’s a great divide [in America]. They are divided in ideology, politics, religion – everything. You just don’t feel that as much, or at least I just didn’t feel that as much [in the U.K.].”

Elsewhere in the interview, Michael shared a sweet memory of when he met Queen Elizabeth II in 2009 at the Royal Variety Performance. 

“We were all lined up and I think Lady Gaga was holding her hand or something, and I remember being told what you can and cannot say, that you do not reach out your hand. All this protocol stuff,” he noted.

When the queen got to him, Michael recalled her saying, “It’s so nice to put a face with the music” as she “put out her hand.”

“She said, ‘We listen to you at the palace,’ and I remember being so … I was quite shocked by it,” he said.

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