Michael Bublé joins Foo Fighters onstage at Outside Lands festival: “No such thing as taking a joke too far”


What would have to happen to get Michael Bublé singing on the same stage as Foo Fighters?  A tour-long joke, that’s what.

On Saturday, August 12, Michael joined the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers onstage at San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival to perform his 2009 hit “Haven’t Met You Yet.” It all started because on their current tour, Foo Fighters perform a mini-medley showing off all the many artists who their new drummer, Josh Freese, has played with. Among them was the original recording of “Haven’t Met You Yet.” That in turn led to Foo Fighters bringing up random fans each night to sing along to “Haven’t Met You Yet.” 

But Rolling Stone reports on Saturday, as Foos front man Dave Grohl searched the crowd for someone to bring up, the cameras focused on a fan holding a sign saying, “I Heart Bublé.”  It was Michael himself, but when Grohl called him up, he didn’t acknowledge that fact at first.

“This [guy] better know the song,” Dave joked. After the song ended, Dave said, “Oh my god, It’s Michael Bublé.”  He then explained that so many fans who have come onstage with them claiming to know the song have let him down, because they only know the first verse.

“So this bad-a** m*********** — and I’m not even kidding — flew in today from Argentina to f****** sing that song to you guys,” Dave concluded. “Because there’s no such thing as taking a joke too far.”

You can see footage of the performance on Michael’s Instagram Story; he’s also posted a profane exchange with Dave on his feed.

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