Mamma Mia! ABBA’s virtual concert production to ‘Voyage’ around the world


ABBA‘s virtual concert production, Voyage, has been a huge hit since it opened in London last year and will soon be taking a voyage of its own.

The show, which is presented in a purpose-built theater in London, used cutting-edge motion capture technology to create virtual avatars of the four members of the group as they appeared in 1979. The show features those avatars — or ABBA-tars, if you will — “performing” all their classic hits with a live band.

Variety reports that, according to the head of ABBA’s record label, fans everywhere will be able to see the show, because it’s going to play in specially modified arenas in major cities around the world.

The show has sold more than 1 million tickets since opening in May 2022. It’s currently scheduled to play in London through 2024 and may be extended through 2026.

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