Lizzo praises Adele as “the rarest gem of all time,” wants to play flute with her


Last month while performing her residency show in Las Vegas, Adele spoke about her friendship with Lizzo, calling her “an amazing person” and saying she’d “like to give her all of my love.” Now, Lizzo is giving that praise right back to Adele, and even has an idea of how the two could collaborate.

The U.K. tabloid The Mirror quotes Lizzo as saying of Adele, “I look up to her a lot. She knows who she is and she honors that with every album. She gave us piano ballads that go to number one, which is so hard and rare. She’s the rarest gem of all time. We need her. I am grateful for her.”

According to Lizzo, Adele also is her go-to person for advice about navigating fame and, especially, social media commentary. 

“When she first came out the culture was so different, and especially with social media,” Lizzo is quoted as saying. “Adele called me and was like, ‘Lizzo, how do you f***ing do it? Are you okay? Do you want to come over and drink some wine? Do you want to talk?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’”

While Adele doesn’t really do many collaborations, Lizzo says she’d be down to work with the “Easy On Me” singer — even though, as she explains, “We’ve never talked about that.”

“Y’know, what I’d do with Adele is play the flute,” Lizzo — an accomplished flutist who shows off her skills on the instrument at her live shows — is quoted as saying. “I’d play flute, [since] she is that kind of artist.”

Both Lizzo and Adele are both nominated for multiple awards at next month’s Grammys, so perhaps they can nail down some plans for a collab while they’re at the ceremony.

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