Lindsey Stirling’s new Snow Waltz Tour has aerial tricks, humor, “magical moments” and lots of sparkles


Ever since she released her 2017 Christmas album, Warmer in the Winter, Lindsey Stirling has been doing Christmas tours. She says not only are the tours now a cherished part of her fans’ holiday traditions, but they’re also a huge part of her own holiday celebration.

“I have heard people say that it’s now, like, a part of their tradition, like, ‘It’s a thing. We do it every year. We come to see your show,"” Lindsey says ahead of this year’s Snow Waltz Tour, which starts Thursday in Grand Prairie, Texas. “I think that’s one of my favorite things about the Christmas tour … it feels like it’s actually part of my tradition now.”

Just like her fans say it’s not Christmas without a Lindsey Stirling tour, the violinist says, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas for me unless I am on tour with my people.”

“Even though we’re on a tour bus and we don’t necessarily have our own full-size Christmas tree, we have our own traditions,” she adds. “And it makes it all the more magical that we get to go out and share, and be a part of other people’s traditions.”

Lindsey says this year’s tour include songs from the new album, plus favorites from past tours. On top of that, she plans to take her stagecraft “to the next level,” noting that she’s been practicing aerial tricks, like hanging on hoops and trapezes.

Plus, she laughs, “There’s humor in the show. There’s magical moments, there’s surprises, lots of choreography [and the] costumes are going to sparkle so much — you just wait.” 

Lindsey’s also scheduled a special New Year’s Eve show in Washington, D.C.; tickets go on sale November 18 via

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