Lance Bass to narrate ‘The Last Soviet’ podcast about cosmonaut stranded in space after fall of USSR


Space geek Lance Bass will tell the story of Sergei Krikalev, a Russian cosmonaut who was stranded in space for nearly a year after the Soviet Union fell.

Lance teamed up with Kaleidoscope and iHeartPodcasts for the new eight-part series titled The Last Soviet, which is about Krikalev’s plight of being trapped in space for 313 days following the collapse of the USSR in 1991. The NSYNC singer will also discuss the politics of space and the events surrounding the superpower’s fall.

“I fell in love with space when my grandfather took me to see my first rocket launch as a kid. I even came close to achieving my dream of going to space 20 years ago when I trained with the Russian Space Agency for a mission to the International Space Station (ISS),” Lance said in a statement.

The singer became a certified cosmonaut after completing training in Star City, Russia, in 2002. Both the Russian Space Program and NASA certified Lance to participate on a mission flight to the International Space Station via a Soyuz TMA-1 spacecraft. 

Unfortunately, the mission lost its financial backing, so Lance’s dreams of going to space were grounded — at least for now.

His statement continued, “Although I haven’t made it to space yet, I’m thrilled to be able to share my passion with listeners and provide them with a unique perspective on space travel as the host of The Last Soviet.”

teaser for the podcast is now live. Fans can catch the first episode when it premieres Wednesday, February 15.

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